Raleigh SEO Video Introduction

Hey everyone, as a Raleigh SEO company (learn more here) it’s important to us to help educate people about what SEO is, how it can help their business improve their visibility with search engines by better optimizing their website and content, and thinking about their overall backlink profile online from Google’s point of view before rushing off to do something that could get you de-indexed.  There are a lot of things you can do with SEO that can get you in trouble, or be against search engine’s terms of service.  Break those rules and you can find yourself de-indexed, which is to say, not showing up in any search results at all!  It’s important to take a more well-considered approach to your website’s SEO.  Approached correctly, SEO is about working together with Google to help them understand how your content is relevant to user intent.  This video provides a high level overview of some of the things we look at.


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