SEO and Press Releases

Small business owners frequently overlook press releases as a method to acquire backlinks in an SEO campaign since not many small business owners have heard of them or understand them. Press release sites are just news release sites that provide online capabilities and regardless of their traditional offline definition, you don’t really have to submit what you may think of as breaking news like you may be used to seeing front and center.  This is because we often think of alarming first page stories, when in fact almost all of the news paper is significantly less sensational. The majority of it merely talks about fairly regular things.  As one component of growing your brand, press releases could certainly help create local awareness about your company, which is what SEO is really about.

Here’s a few thoughts you may use to produce press release stories:

* Changes in your services

* Industry developments

* Events within your company

* How you are involved with the community

* How you are delivering more value for the same price

* Donated to charity

* Warn against a negative industry trend

* Start a podcast

* Implement new machinery or techniques

* Publicity stunt

* Tour of your business

* Improving employee benefits

* Developing a proprietary process

For many press release sites you can include what’s called a contextual backlink. Contextual backlinks an important part of your overall online profile and are characterized by being surrounded by language having to do with to your industry.  Use your most important keyword as the text of the link.  Check to ensure the particular press release service allows contextual links prior to selecting them.

Some examples of Press Release Services:











An important thing to note is that you shouldn’t submit the same article to everyone. Instead you could submit unique language to each PR provider. One of many ways you can increase the speed of your press release submissions is to take one particular piece of writing and spin it into a variety of articles, and then submit each unique article to a separate press release site.

Another thing to consider is the manufacturing of the press release itself.  Some services do this as part of their base services.  Some will do it for an extra fee.  Others require that you provide a fully-written press release.  Given that this affects the charge, you will have to investigate this consideration.

Maintain a history of all your press release URL’s so that you will be able to reference them later on.

As usual, when you are thinking of SEO your primary consideration is always to give thought to your reader and growing your online brand, creating awareness of your company and services while doing so in a fashion that makes it much simpler for search engines to recognize how the services that your business provides are related to the searches that people are making.  Search engine optimization isn’t about any type of trickery; it is more about making things simpler for the search engines and simply being deliberate and not just throwing articles out there and hoping the search engines can connect the dots on your behalf.  Press releases aren’t any different in this way; they’re actually merely another kind of content marketing.  Reach out to us if you need help making sure you don’t end up doing a press-release the wrong way and creating an over-optimization penalty – it’s easy to do if you aren’t careful.


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