Social Bookmarking SEO Backlinks

Social bookmarks are an additional form of building backlinks to your company’s website that you may want to consider.  Let me explain what a social bookmark is by using a real world example.  Just like reading a physical book and placing a bookmark into the book on the page you are on, there are social bookmarking sites that accomplish the same thing with a website.

The value of social bookmarking sites has changed.  Due to abuse, their value has declined slightly.  However they remain a good way to get backlinks and maintain good backlink diversity.

Just a few social bookmarking sites:

* Digg


* Technorati

* Reddit

* Slashdot

* Tagza

* Newsvine

* Connotea

* Sphinn

* Fark

* Wsik

* LinksMarker

* Blinklist

There are a couple of ways to create social bookmarks:

* Manually:  It’s best to have real, authentic links, and this means doing them manually.  Essentially you have to log into the various sites and do each one by hand.  Even if you later resort to automation or having someone else do them, it’s always best to do at least some of them by hand yourself first.  This way you know what’s involved.  You can outsource having them manually created so they are still authentic.

* Using Automated Tools:  Since the overall link value has declined, this may be a better option.  You should always do so yourself before hiring anyone else to do them.

Always remember the essential qualities of a good backlink when creating social bookmarks.  Remember that by themselves, social bookmarks are not something you should rely on, so you may want to consider hiring an SEO company like ours.

Disclaimer: Information in this article subject to my terms as posted on my website


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