Creating SEO Backlinks with Blog Commenting

The intention behind commenting on blogs to build backlinks is to pick blogs where you can to include your own URL within the blog post, and make helpful comments within the blog, thus contributing to a meaningful discussion while creating some credit for your website in the process.  However, there’s probably more to it than you may think at first.

Some of the advantages include:

* Countless blogs provide an endless source of backlinks

* You want to achieve diversity of IP addresses.  You don’t want all your backlinks coming from just one or two places, because that isn’t natural.  If people are really, truly interested in your website, backlinks will tend to come from all sort of places.

* With some work you should be able to find good quality blogs in a related niche that have high page rank, giving your backlinks more value.

3 Tips for Good Quality Blog Backlinks

* Use the Mozilla Firefox No Follow Plug to examine the backlinks on the potential target blog to see whether they are do-follow or no-follow. You should have a natural mixture of both do-follow and no-follow included in your total backlink profile.

* Check the Page Rank of the page you want to comment on.  This may be different than the page rank of the website. Search engines assign page rank to individual pages within a website, not the website as a whole, so even though a website’s home page is a Page rank of 4, if the page you are posting a comment on is page rank of 1, your backlink will only draw value from the page rank of 1. To find out the Page Rank, you can use the Mozilla Firefox SEO Quake plugin.

* Many people have used this for bad purposes over the years and the Internet is littered with countless millions of non-sensical, spammy backlinks.  Don’t make it worse.  My advice is to make quality, meaningful comments to improve the odds of your commenting being approved.  This method can only improve the overall quality of your brand.  By leveraging your expertise in a subject area, you can easily find opportunities to add value.

Finding Blogs to Comment On

One method is to use the following search operators in the Google Blogs search box:

* “keyword” + “add comment” E.g. “real estate” + “add comment”

* “keyword” + “post comment” E.g. “foreclosures” + “post comment”

A Word of Caution

The idea that backlinks are virtual sometimes tempts people to think you can buy thousands of high quality links for a few bucks.  It’s important to focus on quality over quantity with backlinks.  If you pay someone a few bucks to create a thousands of backlinks, what do you think you’re really getting?  A sudden huge spike in backlinks, all from known spammy sites, is likely to earn you a nice big penalty with Google, and you’ll spend a whole lot more money trying to fix it.  When it’s time to get your business in front of more people online, find a local SEO company that’s going to be a business partner interested in your overall long term success.


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